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                            SandBagger Mag-e-zine - Volume 4 - Issue 5 - May 5, 2004


When Organizations Collide

(The Robert Benchley Society Meets The SandBaggers)

By Horace Digby, -- Editor-In-chief -- SandBagger News 

    BOSTON, Massachusetts -- David Trumbull, of the Boston Trumbulls, a humor columnist and founder of the prestigious Robert Benchley Society is also a zealous devotee of SandBagger Mag-e-zine

    "It changed my life," Trumbull might have said, although it was hard to understand his words clearly, due in large part to the "medically-prescribed" Hannibal Lecter muzzle he wore during our interview.  "In addition to curing male pattern baldness, the mag-e-zine taught me the secret of inner peace—especially that article about Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Cow Disease," mumbled Trumbull.  "More people need to read SandBagger Mag-e-zine.  That is why I linked it to our Robert Benchley Society  site." 

    After prattling on for about an hour (evidence of his enthusiasm, or perhaps simply that he forgot to take his meds again) Trumbull announced that since he had become a reader of SandBagger Mag-e-zine, his doctors planed to release him.  But when asked if his release would be anytime soon, Trumbull explained, "It's bound to take awhile to undo all these straps and buckles."

The Robert Benchley Society 

    The Robert Benchley Society honors that great American humorist who, together with a small band of writers and journalists, set the tempo for national and international media during the 1920s.  Those lucky enough to join this "vicious circle," as Dorothy S. Parker called the fellowship she helped launch, lunched daily in the Rose room of the famous Algonquin Hotel at 59 West 44th Street in New York, with writers and celebrities—the cream of the New York press—at a huge round table acquired by Maitre d'hotel and later Algonquin owner, Frank Case.  

    Through wit and media access this lunch group achieved international notoriety as, "The Algonquin Round Table."  Members and guests of the Algonquin Round Table included:  Robert Benchley, Dorothy S. Parker, Alexander Woollcott, Edna Ferber, George S. Kaufmann, Franklin Pierce Adams, Harpo Marks, Heywood Broun, Marc Connelly, Robert E. Serwood, Tallulah Bankhead, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Earnest Hemingway, James Thurber, Harold Ross, Peggy Wood and other noteworthies of the time.  

    Writing about Algonquin Round Table members, critic Brooks Atkinson once said, "By force of character, they changed the nature of American comedy and established the tastes of a new period in the arts and theater."  But Atkinson's stodgy turn of phrase missed the mark.  Instead, it was Dorothy S. Parker who, with characteristic, rapier-like wit and accuracy, observed that the only truly remarkable accomplishment of the Round Table was that its members were "becoming most famous for having lunch."  

     The official SandBagger website,, sponsored by SandBagger past president Frank King is one of the few humor links selected by Trumbull to share the limelight with icons like SandBagger friend Dave Barry.  Other links include: the Benchley related site, Kittens in Underpants (no, it's not that kind of site); a Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley tribute called The Utica Drop Forge and Tool Company; and sites dedicated to Benchley Society members and friends including Erma Bombeck, Bob Newhart, S. J. Perelman, Jean Shepherd, H. Allen Smith and James Thurber.  Trumbull's own charmingly funny columns are archived at  Trumbull's personal site also contains a link to SandBagger friend Dita Von Teese, International Burlesque Star, (which, by the way, actually is that kind of site).  Readers can also learn about a new play by Robert Benchley's grandson, Nat Benchley

[Editor's Note:  When equipment problems on a return flight following official SandBagger business in Las Vegas marooned Joe Daggy, Bill Putaansuu, Tim South and Kurt Anagnostou at the Los Angeles Airport Radisson Hotel's lobby bar, they met an exquisite young woman.  Except for the small dog she carried, she had arrived alone.  Rather than let her be seated at an inferior table, Daggy instructed his waiter to extend an invitation, which the lady graciously accepted, to join the SandBagger table with its excellent view of the entertainment (two musicians performing the music of Lennon and McCartney).  As it turned out the musicians were friends whom the lady had come to see. 

Remaining at the SandBagger table throughout the evening, the she chatted about philosophy, films, television (she was a producer for the Playboy Channel), Hawaii, and of course, Beatles music.   "I am Dita," she had said when introductions were made, and when asked for her last name, she repeated, "I am Dita."]

Benchley Society Admits Daggy

By Lola Lane -- SandBagger News  

    NEW YORK --  David Trumbull today announced that SandBagger Mag-e-zine publisher J. Omar Daggy had been elected to membership in the prestigious Robert Benchley Society. 

    "Just as the Algonquin Hotel remains a Mecca for humorists, nostalgia buffs and the literati, the Robert Benchley Society has borne  forth  a  new  venue  in  cyber  space, where

spiritual heirs to the Algonquin Round Table legacy can share their admiration for the works of Robert Benchley, Dorothy S. Parker and their small but 'vicious circle' of friends," Trumbull would have said, had he not lost his prepared speech earlier while standing on line at the pari-mutuel window. 

    The select membership of the Robert Benchley Society includes humor greats like Dave Barry, Bob Newhart, Woody Allen and, although membership is said to be exclusive, our own J. Omar Daggy was inducted in March. 

    Unwilling to disclose exact details of the Society's rigorous screening procedure, Trumbull did say, "Since we charge no dues and have no membership application process, I consider everyone who expresses a positive interest in the Society to be a Member."  Even so, when asked if other SandBagger Mag-e-zine staff like Editor Horace J. Digby, and writers Lana Long, Jayson Blair, Steven Glass and myself Lola Lane might be invited to join, Trumbull suggested, with some sadness, that Society membership might not be open to fictional characters. 

    IN OTHER NEWS, the tooth fairy, "speaking for fictional characters everywhere," appeared today at a press conference outside the Algonquin Hotel, where, flanked by a team of lawyers, she denounced The Robert Benchley society for its "biased and unfair treatment of fictional characters."

    "We plan a massive class action suit against the Society.  To show our solidarity and unified support for fictional characters in all professions and all walks of life, we have hired this team of honest lawyers,"  the tooth fairy said, "to bring this suit."  

    As presstime David Trumbull, Dave Barry, J. Omar Daggy and Robert Benchley (may he rest in peace) were unavailable for comment. 




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